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6 Week Challenge

Starts January 3rd 
Kick start the New Year!

Alright guys, here's the rules. They are pretty straight forward. 

1. Eat 4 cups of vegetables today

2. Walk 10,000 steps per day

3. Attend class 3 times per week

4. Drink 50% of your body weight in ounces of water.

5. Complete an InBody scan before and after

Unlike 75 hard, you do get 6 strikes. An example would be that you didn't get your steps in that day. That would be 1 strike. Any element of the 4 listed above that you miss is a strike. Once you have 6 you can still continue the challenge but you are no longer eligible for the $50 voucher.


We are going to use SugarWOD. Make sure to download the app if you don't already have. Follow these directions to get to the correct screen. 

  1. Open SugarWOD and look on the screen right below the picture and click where it says "Workout of the Day" and change to "6 week challenge"

  2. That should bring up a whole new schedule there and there should be 3 sections with check boxes

  3. At the end of your day just hit the check mark once you've completed that activity. 

If you have questions on how to get to this page please ask one of your coaches. 

When Can I get my Second InBody and how to prep

Get your SECOND InBody on one of these dates:

February 12th 8am - 11pm

February 14th 3pm - 7pm

Common Questions and Answers

Q: I hate veggies! How can I eat 4 cups without gagging???

A: You can make a smoothie with a handful of spinach. You wont taste it. You can make loaded scrambled eggs which is literally just scrambled eggs with a cup of spinach and another cup of whatever veggies you like (I like onion and mushroom). Put some hot sauce on top. YUM! Ask us if you need more ideas

Q: I don't have an apple watch how do I track my steps

A: Everyone has a smart phone. There's an app built into your phone that tracks your steps without you even knowing. Ask us and we can show it to you. 10k steps is about 5 miles. Which most people get in a day without realizing it. 

Q: I'm going out of town for part of this challenge how can I "attend class" if I'm not even here?

A: We will have at home workouts loaded into sugarWod if you find yourself out of town or at home with a sick kid. communicate with us and we'll be happy to accommodate this part. 

Q: Do I have to drink that much water plain?

A: No, you can add sugarless water flavorings such as Crystal Light. Obviously, you can't exchange a soda for your water and we would prefer you drink plain water but feel free to add lemon or something similar to make it more palatable.


Have a question and it's not here? Send it to us before you forget. Click here!

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